St. John's Lutheran Church operates through the gifts and offerings of its members. Many give these gifts through the collection plate passed around during services. For their convenience, St. John's also offers the option of electronic giving. There are two ways to do this: myEoffering and Just click either image or button below to get started. Listed below are features available in both services. Below each option are also some advantages of each of them to help you decide which to use.

  • secure and convenient
  • set up automatic recurring offerings
  • give to multiple funds in a single offering
  • give from checking account or credit card (higher fees for credit card transactions)


  • Smaller fees (only 30¢ per ACH transaction)

You can also download the mobile giving app for your iPhone or Android device.

  • mobile apps
  • give without leaving this site: clicking the link above will bring up a pop-up menu